Vacuum Hardening Process


ionitridingSurface hardening process that increases surface hardeness at values of 60-65 HRC & higher and improves resistance to wear, fatigue and corrosion.

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Salt Bath Heat Treating

salt bath heat treatingConvective heating process that has higher consistency in achieving the desired properties on a highly predictable and repeatable basis and temp. uniformity of bath (typical +/- 2°F).

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Welcome to Sun Steel Treating, Inc.

Since 1958, Sun Steel Treating Inc. has specialized in providing our customers precision and specialty Salt Bath Heat Treatments. Whether it’s hardening alloys, carbon steels, tool steels or high speed specialty tools, our engineers know the precise metallurgical processes to apply to your steels. Sun Steel Treating also offers Ionitriding® (ion nitriding or plasma nitriding), salt bath hardening, salt bath heat treating and steam treating.

steel treating steel treating

Steam Treating

steam treatingThis process improves wear and corrosion resistence and provides a uniform blue-black finish enhancing aesthetic value.
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ionwearProvides benefits of Ionitriding® and steam treating.
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