IonWear® is a low temperature surface hardening treatment process that is environmentally safe

IonWear® combines the benefits of Ionitriding® and Steam Treating. This process provides a high degree of wear and corrosion resistantance, that is a ceramic in nature structure on any ferrous materials.

The IonWear® process creates a multi-layered structure of:

  • Iron-oxide (micro-porous Fe3O4) with excellent corrosion protection, ability to retain lubricants and an aesthetically pleasant blue-black finish
  • A compound layer of iron nitrides (F2-3N epsilon layer or Fe4N gamma prime, depending on application) with surface hardness of 65-70 HRC and low coefficient of friction
  • A diffusion zone of up to 0.025″ (.6mm), rich in nitrides which provides strength and fatigue properties with a slightly declining hardness distribution back to the base material hardness.
The thickness of these layers can be tailored to achieve specific tribological and engineering properties.
Furnace capacity is 22″ Dia. x 36″ Deep (56cm x 92cm) and 800 lbs/load.