Ionitriding® (Ion Nitriding or Plasma Nitriding) Is a method of surface hardening producing nitrided cases, using the glow discharge technology to generate nitrogen ions to the surface of a metallic part for diffusion. This process is done in a vacuum vessel at low temperatures (750°-1040°F or 400°-560°C) and can be applied to any ferrous metal.

  • Increases surface hardness at values of 60-65 HRC and higher.
  • Improves resistance to wear, fatigue and corrosion.
  • Lowers coefficient of friction (typical 0.10 against steel)
  • Increases resistance against crack initiation, erosion and corrosion due to compressed stresses induced by the Ionitriding process and compact formation of hard nitrided layers (case depths up to 0.025″ or 0.6mm deep)
  • Advanced stress relieving in the same process.
  • Offers a final product ready for use with virtually no distortion, due to lower processing temperatures and no required quenching.
  • Diffusion based, rather than a coating, the case will not chip or peel and has excellent anti scoring and antigalling properties.
  • Process is pollution free and environmentally safe.
  • 12 Vessels, largest vessel capacity is up to 72″ H x 108″ W x 180″ L (183cm x 274cm x 457cm) and 60,000 lbs./load.
Prior to Ionitriding®, it is necessary to know if a coating is to be applied later.