Ionitriding Improves:

  • Hardness and Wear Resistance
  • Lubricity and Metal Flow
  • Resistance to Fatigue & Erosion
  • Antigalling and Antiscoring
The forging and hot forming industries have always been faced with costly downtime and expensive tooling repairs due to wear caused by metal flow.
Now, there is a low temperature, environmentally non-hazardous process for producing wear resistant cases: Ionitriding®.

Ionitriding Applications:

  • impression dies
  • punches
  • upsetting dies
  • tool holders
  • hammer dies
  • rolled ring tooling
  • hot extrusion
  • machinery components
Parts can be re-Ionitrided to restore original case properties should repairs or engineering changes be implemented.
Depending on the magnitude of the alloying elements and applications, Sun Steel Treating can control the hardness profile and depth of the treated layer…virtually distortion free.*
Larget vessel capacity is up to 72″ H x 108″ W x 180″ L (183cm x 274cm x 457cm) and 60,000 lbs./load.
*Accurate, distortion-free processing requires information about material chemistry, machining practices, welding and heat treatment process. Tempering/stress relieving should be performed a minimum of 50°F above Ionitriding processing temperature.