For Stamping & Hydroforming Dies, Cold Forming Tools & Machinery Components.

Ionitriding Improves:

  • Hardness and Wear Resistance
  • Fatigue and Bend Strength
  • Corrosion Properties
  • Lubricity and Metal Flow
The stamping and forming industries have always been faced with costly downtime and expensive die repairs due to wear caused by metal flow. Now, there’s a low temperature, environmentally non-hazardous alternative to plating processes, for even the largest of dies: Ionitriding®. All types of steel used for tooling in stamping and forming can be Ionitrided.

Ionitriding Applications:

  • punches
  • forming dies
  • draw dies
  • draw rings
  • binders
  • progressive dies
  • cavities
  • machinery components
  • die sections
Design changes and repairs to damaged dies can be implemented and blended into die surface without mis-match problems.
Depending on the magnitude of the alloying elements and application, Sun Steel Treating can improve the hardness profile and depth of the treated layer…virtually distortion free.*
We use computer-driven processing and control techniques to monitor and maintain workpiece temperature, vessel pressure, power levels, gas composition, and cycle times. The result: A highly repeatable layer composition, case depth (.005-0.020″), hardness (60/65 RC and higher) and low coefficient of friction (.10 against steel) for your stamping and forming dies.
Largest vessel capacity is up to 72″ H x 108″ W x 180″ L (183cm x 274cm x 457cm) and 60,000 lbs./load.
*Accurate, distortion-free processing requires information about material chemistry, machining practices, welding and heat treatment process. Tempering/stress relieving should be performed a minimum of 50°F above Ionitriding processing temperature.