For Plastics Molds, Associated Tooling & Machinery Components

Ionitriding Improves:

  • Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Fatigue Strength
It’s a long-accepted fact that plastic materials used in injection molding, reaction injection molding, extrusion, bulk molding compound, extrusion, bulk molding, compound, and sheet molding compound can cause severe wear to steels used in plastics processing.
This wear to molds, tooling and machinery components often results in costly repairs and equipment downtime. Even conventionally nitrided and case hardened steels wear much too fast.
Now, however, there’s a low temperature, environmentally non-hazardous, parameter variable alternative to liquid and gaseous methods for surface treatment of steels: Ionitriding®.

All types of steel used for the production of plastics molds and tools can be Ionitrided.

  • P20
  • H13
  • NAK 55
  • 4140
  • PX5
  • 4340
  • A2
  • S7
  • D2
  • Nitralloy 135M
Depending on the magnitude of the alloying elements and application, Sun Steel Treating can improve the hardness profile and depth of the treated layer…virtually distortion free.*
Larget vessel capacity is up to 72″ H x 108″ W x 180″ L (183cm x 274cm x 457cm) and 60,000 lbs./load.
*Accurate, distortion-free processing requires information about material chemistry, machining practices, welding and heat treatment process. Tempering/stress relieving should be performed a minimum of 50°F above Ionitriding processing temperature.