Steam Treating improves wear and corrosion resistance with the “re-discovered” Steam process.

Steam Treating achieves significant benefits for a wide range of metal parts. The process produces an oxide film on the surface of the part, thus enhancing its ability to retain lubricants.

This critical ability results in three key benefits:

  • Improves the wear resistance, thus contributing significantly to increased life.
  • Improves corrosion resistance – an especially important benefit for users whose parts are inventoried for extended periods of time.
  • Provides a uniform blue-black finish, enhancing aesthetic value.
When applied to low and medium density powder metal parts, the oxide film tends to seal the part’s pores. This appreciably increases part hardness and compressive strength. Generally, the lower the density of the powder metal part, the greater the improvement due to the larger number of interconnected voids.
Furnace capacity is 22″ Dia. x 36″ Deep (56cm x 92cm) and 800 lbs./load