Sun Steel has expanded its thermal processing capabilities with the acquisition of new state of the art vacuum furnances, which feature the latest designed furnace control software technology available.  This will insure the continuous heat treatment to exact specification tolerances.

Vacuum processing preserves surface chemistry, prevents oxidation and/or decarburization. For parts where the heat treated surface will be used as the working surface of the finished tool, vacuum is the preferred method.

Benefits of Vacuum Heat Treating:
  • Minimizes distortion
  • Keeps parts clean and bright
  • Highly controlled enviroment
  • Environmentally friendly
Vacuum Applications
  • Hardening of tool steels
  • Hardening of high-speed steels
  • Hardening of 400 series stainless steels
  • Vacuum Annealing
  • Stress Relieving

Larget vessel capacity is 48" width x 60" length x 48" high and can load 8,000 lbs