Welcome to Sun Steel Treating, Inc.

Since 1958, Sun Steel Treating has specialized in providing our customers exceptional quality, expertise, and timeliness. Whether it’s hardening alloys, carbon steels, tool steels or high speed specialty steels, our engineers know the precise metallurgical processes to apply. Sun Steel Treating continually strives to be the most environmentally responsible heat treating facility. 

In 1981, Sun Steel Treating pioneered the use of plasma Nitriding as a viable surface hardening treatment.  Sun Steel Treating has Trade-marked and registered this process as Ionitriding®.  Sun Steel Treating has also pioneered combining the benefits of Ionitriding® and Steam Treating to develop IonWear®. Sun Steel Treating continues to make improvements in equipment, technology, and processes to meet the diverse application needs of modern manufacturing. Sun Steel Treating continues to lead the field in both capabilities and quality.

Sun Steel Treating offers complete metallurgical services to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. Our staff of experts stand ready to tackle your toughest application.