Ionitriding® is a method of surface hardening that produces a nitrided case using the glow discharge technology to generate nitrogen ions to the surface of a metallic part for diffusion. This process is done in a vacuum vessel at low temperatures (750°-1040°F or 400°-560°C) and can be applied to any ferrous metal.
Vacuum Hardening
Vacuum processing preserves surface chemistry, prevents oxidation and/or decarburization. For parts where the heat treated surface will be used as the working surface of the finished tool, vacuum is the preferred method.
Steam Treating
Steam Treating achieves significant benefits for a wide range of metal parts. The process produces an oxide film on the surface of the part, thus enhancing its ability to retain lubricants.

IonWear® combines the benefits of Ionitriding® and Steam Treating. This process provides a high degree of wear and corrosion resistance, ceramic in nature structure, on any ferrous materials.

Straightening Services
Our atmospherically controlled straightening department consists of 18 screw presses and 3 hydraulic presses with 24, 75, and 150 ton capacities. Methods of straightening include press, peen, flame, hammer, and vibro peening. 

Other Services:
  • Annealing
  • Normalizing
  • Stress Relieving